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quality engineer Job description: 1. Responsible for OSA TO_46 /BOX 10G 25G optical components/AOC 100G QSFP 28 100G 200G optical module products, quality monitoring of key parameters in the production process, and promote the improvement and promotion of optical components/passive components; 2. Responsible for device ECN changes and reliability verification of new materials, verify management according to the 5M1E change process, and output reliability verification reports; 3. Responsible for the formulation and update of device standard inspection documents, training, and improvement of inspection skills of operators; 4. Participate in and supervise the closed-loop analysis and processing of quality problems in the production process; 5. Participate in the production PVT quality review, review and issue related production engineering documents such as PFMEA, QC engineering drawings, SOP; 6. Participate in the investigation and analysis of major customer complaints and supervise the closed-loop improvement of 8D countermeasures. job requirements: 1. Familiar with the production process and quality control methods of optical devices/optical modules, requiring more than 2 years of work experience in the industry; (excellent ones can relax the conditions) 2. Good communication and promotion skills, able to bear pressure, strong team awareness and execution ability; 3. Ability to use quality management tools such as SPC and 6sigma to continuously improve product quality; 4. Possess a certain knowledge of relevant requirements of quality, environment and safety management systems; 5. Familiar with the knowledge of 7 major methods of quality management, ISO9001, ISO14001, EMC, etc. 质量工程师 岗位描述: 1、负责OSA TO_46 /BOX 10G 25G光器件/AOC 100G QSFP 28 100G 200G光模块产品,生产过程关键参数的质量监控,推动光器件/无源器件产品工艺的改进提升; 2、负责器件ECN变更以及新物料的可靠性验证,按5M1E变更流程验证管理,输出可靠性验证报告; 3、负责器件标准检验文件的制定与更新、培训、提升作业人员检验技能; 4、参与并监督生产过程质量问题的分析处理闭环; 5、参与生产PVT质量评审,对生产工程相关文件如:PFMEA、QC工程图、SOP、进行审核签发; 6、参与重大客诉调查分析并监督8D对策改进闭环。 任职要求: 1、熟悉光器件/光模块生产工艺流程,品质控制手法,要求有2年以上同行工作经验;(优秀者可放宽条件) 2、良好的沟通与推动能力,能够承担压力,具备强烈的团队意识及执行力; 3、能运用品质管理工具如 SPC,6sigma 来持续提升产品质量; 4、具备一定的质量、环境、安全管理体系相关要求知识; 5、熟悉品质管理的7大手法、ISO9001、ISO14001、EMC等方面的知识。
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